Bulletin 4

Important Announcements

Please bring back the flags and placards provided at the Opening Ceremony, because we need them for the Closing Ceremony.

Cultural visit

Saturday is the last day of visit the Parliament Palace. we have only one slot of visit, at 14:30. Unfortunately, due to the competition schedule, some teams will not be able to do the visit. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Check out Accommodation

At the check out, we will verify together with one member of the delegation, the status of the room and of the equipment. All beds must have the sheets, the pillows, the towels and the keys received at check-in. If there are any other damages of the  room’s furniture or equipment, it will be written on the document and signed by both parties.

Each delegation must make sure, the fridge and garbage bin are empty at departure.

Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party

The Closing Ceremony will be in the Apollo Hall Room, starting with 20.00. Groups must be in front of the hall at 19:40, with the placards and the flags. In the hall, there will be a Photo Booth, were the participants can take some pictures for nice memories from Romania.

After the ceremony, there will be a live concert of a Romanian Band, named Level Up and a party with DJ, until 23:30.


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