Bulletin 3

Important Announcements

Please bring bag the flags and placards provided at the Opening Ceremony, because we need them for the Bazaar and for the Closing Ceremony.


The participants will arrive at the St Joseph Cathedral, from several directions: from the accommodation sites, from the sport venues or from the cultural visit.

During Mass four short prayers will be read by a student in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Romanian

The delegations are requested to nominate a participant who will be seated at the front of the hall. The text will be handed out there.

Each country has been asked to bring an offering. The delegation nominates one student  to take the offering to the altar and hand it to the priest.

We request the coaches to tell their participants:

• To turn off their mobile phones

• To behave respectfully

• Not to clap their hands during Mass

After the Mass, the buses will bring the participants to Arcca Vitan Village, where we will have packed food, in order to be able to eat properly and prepare for the Bazaar.


Two students and one adult per delegation, will meet at 19:00 in front of the stage at Arcca Vitan Village, to arrange the products on the tables. At 20.00 hour, there will be the official start of the Bazaar. The money we raise, will be donated to the Concordia Copiilor Association(http://www.concordia.org.ro/acasa/ ).


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