ARRIVAL DAY (15th of July)

Delegations arriving at the airport are met by a volunteer of the FF Team 2019. The volunteer, will carry an information board with the name of your country. Once you’ve found each other, you will be escorted to the bus, which will take you to the accommodation place.

There will be only one accommodation place for all the participants, in Arcca Vitan Village.( Bd Energeticienilor nr. 9-11, sector 3, Bucharest) https://arcca.ro/?lang=en

Delegations coming with their own transport, should arrive also at the accommodation place.

At the residence, someone from our team will be waiting for you and will show you the


In the first evening  there will be  a presentation of the Games and the technical Meetings per sport. This will take place at the accommodation place.

After everybody was installed at the residence, the head of delegation  has to come to the to the secretariat .

Here you are welcome for the accreditation.

The secretariat will be open every day from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00 for the daily bulletins of the games and any communication with the organizers. The bulletins will be uploaded only on the site.

The secretariat can be reached on the number +40 721789319  or via e-mail, iacobanalexandra@yahoo.com

For the accreditation you bring all necessary documents to the secretariat, meaning:

•identity cards full delegation (ordered team by team)

•payment receipts




MEALS: TUDORACHE DANA – +40 765 124 030


MEDICAL EMERGENCY: DR. Jorg Schmeck +491716907020

Emergency at the accommodation site: IUSTIN TOMA „


All meals will be served in Arcca Vitan Village. Only the swimmers will have lunch in the Izvorani Olympic Center, where they will have the competitions.

Every day a meal schedule will be included in the daily bulletin. Breakfast will be served between 07:00 and 09:00, lunch between 11:00 and 14:30, dinner between 17:30 and 19:30. For a better organization, please don’t spend more than 30 minutes for each meal. The timetable of each meal will be shown on the walls of the tents. The procedure for the meals is as follows: the entrance is done on the left side of the building. At the entrance, we will scan the cards of every participant in order not to enter twice. The participants should be aware that the portions are calculated per person and if they take the food twice, it will not be enough for every participant.

Please announce the vegetarians, or any other problems(intolerance to any kind of food) when you come for the meals.


Arcca Vitan Village College will be the center for most of the events. Here we have the accommodation, meals and a good space to spend time during the day. There is also a shop, where you can buy snacks and soft drinks or water.

Creating social contacts is one of the main goals of the FF games. In an atmosphere of fraternity, bonds of friendship will be created for lifetime.

In the youth village a free stage will be installed, on which the participants and the youth

of Bucharest can demonstrate their talents. Here we will have a concert and most of the cultural evening program.

There is also the possibility to wash your clothes(the price is around 5 euro/wash) in the special room equipped with washing machines.

Near this place, there is the sports hall where we will have  Volleyball Boys competition.

The youth village will be opened daily from 10:00am.


All heads of delegation are invited to the presentation of the Games.

This presentation will take place at Apollo Hall, Bd Energeticienilor, nr 9-11, directly in front of the accommodation site. All this will take place on Monday, July 15th at 20:00.


The technical meetings for the team sports will be held right after the presentation of the

Games, on Monday, July 15th of July at 21:00.

The meetings will take place in Apollo hall. A volunteer of FF Games 2019 will guide the coaches to the right place.

The technical meeting for the individual sports athletics and swimming will take place on

Tuesday 16th of July, after the training at the location of the training.


The organization has a number of shuttle buses available, which will be deployed at

different times to transport the delegations from Arcca Vitan Village, to the sports venues.

Every day a schedule will be included in the bulletin, so everyone is informed about which

bus and at what time they have to take them daily.

The organization will also provide travel cards for the public transport. The card will have a limited number of tickets, but it can be recharged in case we need it. We will have at secretariat, replacement cards, for the persons that use all the credit. The delegation leaders have to make a request at secretariat.

For this purpose, the organization has mapped out the nearest stops and trip schedules

for the various locations, on the basis of which the delegations can also go on their own in

case of necessity.

You will find these schedules on our site, starting with 16.07.2019

Also, to find the best solution of public transport, you can install on your phone Moovit App and use it to find the buses you need.

Participating countries that have no competition on some days, should divide themselves

among the shuttle buses that are present. Countries that do have competition always have priority in case the bus would be filled.


After dinner  we will go to Apollo Sports hall, situated next to the accommodation place.

Everyone can take a seat on the stands at the indicated places. When everyone has found their place, the official opening ceremony can start to launch the 71th FF Games 2019.

The ceremony starts at 20:00. The participants have to be at 19:40 in front of the hall to prepare the entrance toghether.


The official coin of Romania is RON(Romanian LEI). The exchange rate is around 4.66 RON for 1 euro.

You can’t buy anything in euro. All the prices are in Ron, and nobody accepts euro, only ron. If you want, you can buy Ron in your country, or you can exchange euro in Romania, or if you have a card, you can pay directly or withdraw Ron, even if your card is in euro. #


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